Machine Vision for Visually Impaired People — a YouTube series

Gary Bartos
2 min readJun 6, 2024


Today I kicked off a series of YouTube videos about machine vision, computer vision, entrepreneurship, marketing, and other topics related to the development of assistive technology.

The first video is long in part because it establishes a timeline of development milestones and business choices. The timeline serves as a reference for future videos:

  • how my team and I decided on touch screen accessibility,
  • why the beta in TestFlight was called “Point and Speak,”
  • how I created videos to train beta testers we couldn’t meet face to face, and
  • why of all people I decided to work in assistive technology, after nearly 25 years working in vision for industrial automation.

For my sighted readers: the image below is a screenshot! I needed some kind of image for the top of this post.

A rather unflattering image of me from the YouTube video, as automatically picked by YouTube’s algorithm. My hand is up as I sorta point with two fingers.
The first few videos are done in one take. Yee-haw! And I didn’t even practice this expression.

And here are the links to the videos. I’ll update this list as I add new videos to the series.

Chapter 1. App Development Story / History

I talk through development of the app from 2019 through 2024.

The video is over 40 minutes long! That’s what happens when I try to breeze through the subject, and when I make a recording in one take.

This is the video. Feel free to click. Or don’t. Life is short, and we must make sensible choices.

Chapter 2. Prehistory

The story jumps to The Olden Days, before 2019. Very briefly I cover a bit of the history of “machine vision” (vs. “computer vision”), going back to the 1930s.

And the video is only 16-ish minutes long! Quite a time savings for everyone.

The second video was recorded a whole five hours after the first video, so I’m still wearing the cool “caption your videos” T-shirt from Deaf advocate and public speaker Rikki Poynter.

Rikki’s hilarious. Watch her videos. And check out the 2017 chat she had with Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, in which they talk about assistive technology and such.

Chapter 3 and Beyond

Rather than post all the videos here, I’ll just create new posts for new videos.

Stay tuned!

Related: Future Solutions

I’ll be bouncing back and forth between the YouTube monologues and my Medium posts in the Future Solutions series.

In the Future Solutions posts I offer proposals for technology I think should exist, but that doesn’t yet exist.

Here’s the index to proposals I’ve written so far.

Yeah, I guess I work a lot.



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