How to Write a Survey for Feedback about your Minimum Viable Product

Do survey writers have to be ambidextrous data wizards? Why did no one tell me this?!?

Read The Survey Playbook by Matt Champagne

The cover of The Survey Playbook by Matthew Champagne. The book is available as a Kindle edition. The book has relatively few graphics, and the author makes his points clearly in the text.
This is the book. Read this book right here. Save yourself some time and just get the book.

Teaser: A Few Pointers from The Survey Playbook

About the Net Promoter Score (NPS)

What Survey Tool Should I Use?

We’re Done Here

Ferris Bueller peaks out at the viewer during the end credits. “You’re still here?” he asks. “It’s over. Go home.” Before there were Marvel movies with end credits people were meant to wait for, there was Ferris Bueller telling you to leave the theater. Ha!
“You’re still here? It’s over! Go read The Survey Playbook.”



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