Google Slides: big bullets to (nicely) tiny bullets

Gary Bartos
Nov 10, 2023
The bullet list Need, Differentiation, Feasibility with tiny bullet points
These are the wee bullet points I’m looking for!

By default, the bullet points in Google Slides are ginormous.

Big bullets represented as solid dots, which compete visually with the text the bullets are meant to set off.
Big bullets detract from the text

Big bullets threaten to steal visual attention from the text.

A Google support post explains how to change bullet size.


  1. Highlight the bullets
  2. Right click
  3. In the popup dialog, select “More bullets”
  4. Search for “bullet”
  5. Pick “bullet operator”
  6. (Optional) Draw your own bullet

Pro tip: don’t choose or create a weird bullet shape.

A popup dialog with “Alt text” at top left, two rows of graphical buttons, and then the textual menu item “More bullets”
Popup dialog when you right click on highlighted bullets

It’d be nice to have a choice between GINORMOUS bullets and tiny bullets, but tiny is better.

Bullet operator is tiny, but NICELY tiny



Gary Bartos

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