Choosing Features for your Minimum Viable Product (MVP): Pooch-A-Tronix!

Make One Small Decision at a Time

Qualify Features using a Matrix

A simple matrix of features and questions to answer.

Categories by which to Qualify a Feature

A matrix with one feature per row. The columns are Differentiator, Feasibility, Concrete, Liability, Strategic, and Frequency. For each column there is a constrained list of answers specific to that category.
A few features qualified in our different categories

All Pooch-A-Tronix Features Qualified

Look for “Green Means Go!” All the Way Across

Dog Food Catapult.


Eighty-four Questions and Answers.

One Clear Decision.

Pooch-A-Tronix?!? Um … what about Food-A-Pult? Spreadsheets, Interactions, & Integrations



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