How did my Medium feed get filled with FOMO clickbait?

A haystack shaped like a squirrel. Because pictures somehow yield more views or likes or something.
I googled “random image” and picked this.

What 2022 needs is a bit more snark. Less predictability.

Fewer headlines that read like A/B tested versions of “12 Things Boba Fett Said to Adele’s Landscaper That Will Surprise You.”

I mean, I’m gonna click on that, but you can’t make me like it.

Happy New Year!

Screenshot from the website list of prototyping tools. Virtually all tools are intended for visual prototyping.
Screenshot from the list of prototyping tools at

In October 2020 I wrote about Prototyping Accessible Apps with ProtoPie. Today I’d like to refer you once again to the UX Tools website, a great resource for choosing a prototyping app that meets your needs.

Filtering the List of Tools

On the left side of the page you can scroll down to the Filter…

If you have an AVCaptureVideoDataOutputSampleBufferDelegate, then your captureOutput function will pass a CMSampleBuffer.

Oh yay, another image data type.

If you want to convert that CMSampleBuffer to a UIImage for display, for saving, or whatnot, then you may find your answer here on StackOverflow:

Alternately, try the code below.


Gary Bartos

Founder of Echobatix, developing assistive technology for the blind.

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